As shown by the report of IBE, teenagers themselves most often turn to fiction and books about vampires.

Deputy Minister Kozlowski emphasizes that the proposal is silent on how to behave director of the school, the juvenile fails to fulfill its duties. Government Legislation Center makes it clear: “Open Catalog of the educational, considerable freedom in their use and the lack of control mechanisms can create space for abuse. Conclusion? The draft regulation could violate the constitutional principle of specificity of. DGP appealed to the Ministry with a request to take position on the comments made during the arrangements. We are still waiting for a response. Stage Design legislative consultation Read more Prosecution will take a student who killed a colleague in Wawer. the court referred the case to investigators KLARA Klinger: Is the reform announced by the Ministry of Education is a step in the right direction?

Kosakowski WIESŁAW: From the point of view of the director of high school these changes are beneficial. Shortness of science in secondary school for three years it was taking into account teaching teaching Matura, unfavorable. For this reason, together with the teachers decided in 2000 at the III High School in Gdynia create Secondary School No. 24, to at least part of educating students for 6 years, and not only by 3. In addition to the eight-year primary school, with which our school for years cooperated (circles math, other such projects) and from which originated many gifted students, she has evolved into a six-year primary school. But it was also an important condition for ensuring, in the face of changes in the educational system and demographic decline, FTEs employed so far in four high school teachers. “Victim” of the reform fall gymnasiums. Why is it that sometimes so bad rated? The main cause of behavioral problems and learning is too large number of students in junior high and too many students in the class.

The same also applies to high schools. In my opinion, every school, including high school or primary school and high school or technical school, or vocational school, should not be more than 500 students. Creating a “factory” school counting 700, 800, 1000 and more students, though justified for economic reasons, is unacceptable pedagogical reasons. Secondary schools were to be just such small, intimate school with little numerous classes. Were supposed to be … And how is it in your school?

School No. 24 has approx. 240 students, it was the same in previous years. Hence the scale of educational problems (and those were and in our school) is quite different than in the case was “junior high-factories”. It is therefore no middle schools may negatively or positively affect the level of education in Poland? The level of education depends primarily on the level of students in the schools of the country teachers. In addition, the “school of higher order should take care of the school of a lower order” – is one of the slogans of assumptions-the National Education Commission, is still the most current.

So a university or a technical university or higher vocational school should look after high school, technical school, vocational school. The same school school podstawową.Jak in this situation should look like the structure of education? It is really a secondary matter, although a return to a four-year high school is a very good idea. An even better idea would be a six-year secondary school, not only in relation to education polytechnic (mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry), but the humanities (eg. The same Polish teacher teaching in a class for 6 years of literature and language Polish until matriculation examination) . Since no structure, what is important in this reform?

More important is that the teacher was a champion for each student in the full sense of the word. Poor teacher will be poor irrespective of the structure of the education system (8 + 4 + 6 or 3 + 3 or 4 + 4 + 4), and a good teacher will properly teach in any structural configuration of education. The essence of educational reform is so (or at least should be) definitely better future teacher training and continuous, better organized and paid for training teachers already working. Such solid training (genuine, and not for “wrapper” to apply for another professional degree) must be compulsory for every teacher! How then should look like reform of the education system? It should start from the changes in the system of education of future teachers at universities. Pedagogical studies should be given special care (and are not) by the university authorities.

The future teacher should be prepared to teach at the highest level of at least two subjects (general, vocational) in each type of school, they know perfectly contemporary Esperanto, the language of English and at least one foreign language (eg. One of the countries directly neighboring Polish or one from the Baltic countries), to be well prepared in terms of programming (algorithms) and take a solid math course and the Polish language, regardless of the subject, which in the future will be taught in Polish schools. Pedagogical studies should result in a very difficult substantive examinations, organized by some of the best universities to go to schools to teach actually the best of the best. The teachers already performing their profession should have the possibility of permanent further education (national and international conferences, postgraduate courses, courses, workshops, scientific and educational organized by universities and other recognized scientific institutions, and not company-bushes) and allowance for the purchase of used only to business purposes means: books, manuals, software, computer hardware. Current expenditure for this purpose are, eg. In comparison with Finland, niskie.No obscenely well, but over the years the directors of middle schools, as the Lord, invest in their schools – whether in employment of teachers or in housing conditions. What will happen now with this capital?

My actions as a school principal for 26 years focused on this, to employ the best teachers. A student should not choose the school, but just a good teacher-master no matter where in the rankings is a school where he works. And the candidates (and their parents) know very well where to find such teachers. Among others for this reason, the structure of each of the educational system in the country is a matter of just a secondary teacher education system in the country and how to care for them now when they exercise their zawód.Pana high school is one of the best as you reach this level? Yes, our high school students achieve very good results in science.

More than 90 per cent. of them continue their studies in the third high school in Gdynia (which is housed in the same building). The most important task of the school (ie: teachers, pupils, their parents, the social environment – the university, the authority conducting, the village) is to create conditions so that every student can find in it a niche educational, discover their interests, passions and be accompanied by a teacher -mistrza develop. We offer 3 types of classes: classes implementing the Middle Years Program International Baccalaureate Organization, a class for students with interests polytechnic class for students of natural interests. Are organized quite numerous academic courses (eg. Mathematics and information and sports), numerous project teaching, which can find and exist creatively every student (eg. Odyssey of the Mind, charity, entrepreneurship), cared for Scientific over the numerous group of eminently gifted students. And what will be with you now?

III High School in Gdynia as a 4-year-old will return to the school cooperation with the primary school, which was a six-year school, and the school will again be eight years. Read more 7 reasons why I believe that the planned reform of school is a very bad change Speaking about the dismissals are union propaganda – believes the future Law and Justice MEP Piotr Glinski. He added that the number of classes will remain unchanged, so teachers will be as much as before. PiS politician said that the problem is not only lower secondary schools, but also the program nauczania.Piotr Glinski would not say whether he will be deputy prime minister in the government of Beata Awl. He assured, however, that the Polish team of people will be ruled substantively prepared, experienced and dynamic who will be able to carry the weight of responsibility resting on the ruling party. He also announced that the PiS government next year will begin the implementation of election promises.

This may include proposals for frankowiczów, increase the amount of tax-free and tax transaction for hypermarkets. Read more you is I (Rosław). What is the President of the Polish Law and Justice dream? Open days will be organized in secondary schools, technical schools and professional degree. Read more “raises the future of our country.” Ks.

Lemański delighted galloping Equality Days opened in Warsaw techniques and trade school degree in 2019 Open Days in Warsaw secondary schools in 2019 In the last year of primary school is only 5 percent. students do not read any books. The situation is deteriorating dramatically in the gymnasium. At the finish does not read already 14 percent. The worst among boys. In the third grade after any publication does not reach a fifth of fifteen.

Among girls – less than one in ten – according to readership surveys conducted by the Institute for Educational Research. Reading books is only the third elected by the youth activity. Literature loses to computer and television. Only half olds admit that reading and school reading and pleasure. A large group are those who read only school reading. 28 per cent doing so. boys and 19 per cent. girls in third grade junior high school.

Although, in principle, it may be even worse, because according to Dr Sophia Zasacka, coordinator of the study, teens read reading patchwork – part book, part of the summaries. In Poland, for reading very influenced cultural capital of the family – says Izabela Koryś from the National Library and argues that the readership has an impact on subsequent career path. – If the parents themselves read and buy books for the home, children are more likely to be promoted even educational. Even if parents do not have higher education, the child who reads can achieve them – he believes. Meanwhile, one in four Polish parents home library includes not more than 10 books. The largest collections are residents of big cities. The smallest – villages and small towns.

As the figures show, there are teenagers read the least. As noted by Dr. Zasacka, those children who do not read books at all, often end up in vocational schools. – Research shows, however, that in these schools wanes even general knowledge, their graduates know less than when they went to the first class – says expert. According to Prof.. Christopher Biedrzycki, the leader of the Polish language lab IBE, the blame for the falling readership is also on the teachers who reach Polish lessons after reading quite uninteresting for young people. Teens are in contact with them boring texts and lose interest in reading at all.

Teachers have great freedom in the choice of reading. The core curriculum provides only a few mandatory items, other teachers can choose according to their own discretion – like. Meanwhile, according to the observations of researchers, only some Polish studies guided the selection of reading interests of young people. 94 percent. He admits that keeps the suggestions contained in the base. For 71 per cent. important when choosing these books is their availability in the school library.

These in turn are another problem. Municipalities say they do not have money even for their maintenance, not to mention investments. Last year, the Ministry of Administration and Digitization wanted to be combined with public libraries. However, the idea met with great resistance unionists. As shown by the report of IBE, teenagers themselves most often turn to fiction and books about vampires.

The undisputed hit among elementary students is Harry Potter series. Piętnastolatki choose the “Hunger Games” and the series “Twilight.” As research has shown, the teenagers get these titles, which adaptations can be seen in the cinema. The top five most popular titles was not included none of Polish books. READ ALSO: French minister of culture does not read books? “I read a lot of notes, legal documents” >>>

On Wednesday, the Supreme Chamber of Control published a report which shows that the changes in the education system have been prepared and implemented unfairly. According to NIK, they have not made reliable financial analysis and organizational impact of the reform, also raises doubts about the process of preparing the new core curriculum. In addition, the Chamber assessed that the Ministry did not carry out reliable and comprehensive analyzes of the possibilities of admission to graduate VIII classes of primary schools and middle schools wygaszanych III classes. The occurrence of the so-called. double vintage means that the secondary and post-primary schools in September 2019. must adopt by nearly 370 thousand. more students. Read more reform education.

Who will answer for making the children guinea pigs [OPINION] From school superintendents from January 2019. Showed that the state of preparations for the double vintage was different in the country. Number of seats in proportion to the number of students joining the recruitment was less in eight provinces (eg. In the Wielkopolska province by more than five thousand.), And higher in the seven provinces (eg. In the Podkarpackie region of approx.

11.5 thousand.). Head of Prime Minister’s Office said in RMF FM that did not read the entire report NIK ws. Education reform and knows it “only circumlocutions media.” He noted, however, that is no guarantee from the Minister of Education Anna Zalewska that schools are prepared for this, to accept all pupils in September. – I believe that the minister was right, has the support of the entire apparatus of the Ministry, if any problems would certainly ministry would have to take to intervene in this matter – the minister added. – The first stage of the education reform ended successfully – we gave parents the ability to decide whether or not children have to go to school at the age of 6 or 7. Secondly grammar schools were abolished, which – in our opinion – are eliminated a number of pathologies – Dworczyk said. Read more about Biedroń and Śmiszek NIK report: Prosecutors should address Zalewska before it escapes to Brussels – During the day I receive two or three calls from parents who are looking for advice – what to do if the director does not want to work – says Wojciech Starzynski Foundation Parents School. – Problems include counsels parents. Their members even complain that they do not have access to their bank accounts – relacjonuje.Jak evaluates Starzynski, parents’ council is for this reason often fronts for today, which manages the director.

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